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    > Interesting price comparison. Treavor usually isn't one to BS,
    > but 8 or 9 X5000s? That is nonsense.

    I've just tried to recreate Trevor's order at the Raptor website according to the mentioned specs and have arrived at 10829 USD. With estimated 500 USD shipping costs from US to NZ and 2600 USD import duty this adds up to about 13930 USD total.
    X5000 is 2025 USD at AmigaKit. With estimated 200 USD shipping costs from UK to NZ and 550 USD import duty this adds up to about 2775 USD total.
    In conclusion, what he paid for his Talos II system could have bought him 13930/2775 ≈ 5 complete AmigaOne X5000 systems. So yes, 8 or 9 seems to be nonsense.

    > The P50X0 is far less suited to desktop use than a Power 9 CPU
    > with fewer PCIe lanes and older generation I/O devices.

    POWER9 lacks most of QorIQ P5's I/O controllers and therefore requires external controllers for the (same or newer generation) functionality. Fortunately, this is no problem thanks to the big number of POWER9's available PCIe lanes.
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