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    Everblue wrote:

    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > That's nearly X5000 territory.

    Yes, but coming with:
    - CPU: 5 to 10 times faster per core (estimated and depending on task)
    - PCIe: two generations ahead
    - RAM: one generation ahead
    - SATA: one generation ahead, two ports more
    - USB: one generation ahead
    - GbE: two ports more

    Very true. But which current software available on MorphOS would make full use of these specs? Same thing with the Amiga OS running on the X5000.

    A lot of productivity software (both PPC and 68k) will take advantage of at least the extra CPU power. If you're batch processing an SD card full of images then you'll also be taking advantage of the faster drive access although not the USB since I'm not aware of any of the Amiga or Amiga Like OSs supporting anything beyond 2.0.
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