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    Speaking only for myself. I am thrilled to have a Talos 2. I have not spent this much time 'computing' since working on the Xmos chip on the now abandoned X1000. One of the most beautiful things about this machine is that it comes with full documentation including schematics ( I could not even get an answer to where the addresses where for the GPIO pins going to Xena from anybody that had anything to do with the X1000. Over 2 years of wasted time.I see nothing that is different for the X5000 or any of their future products. They can keep their secrets, I'm done with their hardware.)

    Since the announcement of the Blackbird I have been setting aside money and plan to purchase probably June/July time frame. It will replace the aging 4core x86 something-or-other I only use as a web utility box. I would not even think of doing other than that on any x86. Just me, but by the end of next year not only will this be a Windows free house but also x86 free. :-)

    If MorphOS (or AmigaOS) ran on these machines I would be very happy to purchase and donate to the cause. X86........ not going to happen, that's just jungle computing in my view.

    Ah, the future.
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