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    Everblue wrote:

    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > if (or when) MorphOS comes to x86 will it be easier/faster to port
    > open source software which exists for Windows/Linux for the same CPU?

    Yes, it would. Existing ASM and SIMD optimizations could be used directly, and source-code dependency on little endian byte order wouldn't be a problem.

    Cool, that's a huge plus for an x86 switch.

    Well, it does play into the hands of Intel, so I'm not that happy.
    And what other functionality would an X64 port give us that would increase, not decrease, our userbase?

    While legacy Amiga applications could be run under a UAE port, it won't run legacy PPC code easily, and I do not run many 68K programs.

    Power9 does solve the endian issues by being bi-endian, and not locking us into an unlicensable ISA seems worthwhile.
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