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    OK then I guess I don't understand what is the purpose of this project then? Currently MorphOS runs on 2nd hat MAC equipment and this as far as I can see serves the purpose well. What is the incentive to buy a $2000 machine for MorphOS when we can use it on a $200 used MAC?

    And for the record I am not trying to be difficult, I truly don't understand the re4asoning behind this proposed shift.

    Is the intent to have a specific hardware platform for MorphOS so it could be sold much like the original Amiga?

    And if that is the idea then why not port it to x86 and ensure cheaper hardware moving forward?

    There seem to be some misunderstanding or confusion about TALOS. TALOS is no MorphOS related project. Its a very powerful hardware that comes totally independent of MorphOS (from a company that may have never heard about MorphOS) but that *might* become a possibele tarfget hardware for MorphOS to run on because it ises a POWER cpu.

    The TALOS is a rather expensive computer, but it is also a very powerful computer. Given MorphOS would run on oit, I guess only few ppl would buy it purely for MorphOS, but if you in need of a really powerful system anyway and happen to like MorphOS, then the TALOS may be a pretty fitting solution.
    A powerful hardware for highly demanding tasks hosting Linux (or some BSD) and at the ame time the by far most powerful device for MorphOS. If MorphOS supports teh TALOS I may fall into that category.
    It's important to note that Power9 is very powerfl: a x64 comuter of that power is not a pocket mony machine, too. The price is not too far off. But of course not everryone needs such a beast.

    Bottom line: This computer is expensive but powerful and (yet) there is no MorphOS support announced for TALOS. TALOS itself has nothing to do with MorphOS or any other Amigaish OS.

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