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    > what is the purpose of this project then?

    Which project do you mean?

    > Currently MorphOS runs on 2nd hat MAC equipment and this as far
    > as I can see serves the purpose well. What is the incentive to buy a
    > $2000 machine for MorphOS when we can use it on a $200 used MAC?
    > [...] I truly don't understand the re4asoning behind this proposed shift.

    I just had my second MorphOS Mac die on me from decay. These machines are simply not built for a guaranteed lifespan of significantly more than a decade. I've been entertaining the idea to purchase a new X5000 as replacement for running MorphOS, but indeed for the price it is too much of a sidegrade instead of an upgrade from the PowerMac G5, and it lacks AltiVec. The Blackbird would change this dramatically. I'd buy it with MorphOS in an instant. Note that this is just my very own reasoning/incentive and I can fully understand everyone who'd never buy a $2000 machine for running MorphOS (and Linux).

    > Is the intent to have a specific hardware platform for MorphOS
    > so it could be sold much like the original Amiga?

    This isn't my intent at least. I can't speak for others, though.

    > why not port it to x86 and ensure cheaper hardware moving forward?

    An x84-64/AMD64 port has been communicated as the longterm plan since 2011 at least. The state of this endeavour is still completely unknown to the public. A port to POWER9-based Blackbird would require way less effort, I think. In addition, the existing MorphOS software as well as the MorphOS-compatible m68k software would continue to run on Blackbird.
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