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    > there still needs to be more software available before people would
    > start looking at it as a replacement for Windows, MAC or Linux..

    I don't see a possible MorphOS port to Blackbird as a means to make people switch from Windows, macOS or Linux to MorphOS, but simply as a nice opportunity for people who want to run MorphOS anyway and who are ready to pay such price for a MorphOS system (with the possibility to also run Linux) but want a better price-performance ratio than offered by the X5000. I'm fully aware that this is a very small group of people :-)

    > Trying to sell the pinnacle machine first is a recipe for failure..

    You mean Raptor should have made/sold Blackbird first and Talos II after this?

    > asinine litgation to stop for Gods sake

    Fortunately this doesn't really harm MorphOS :-)
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