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    Sooo your sales pitch is we should all buy a $2000 machine for browsing?

    Sorry folks, but this is purely hobbyist land here, so the prices can't be that exorbitant if you wish to survive. As stated earlier, the whole reason everyone is excited about the Tabor is the fact that it is finally a piece of OS4 hardware with a somewhat reasonable price.

    I might be interested if all of the abovementioned features were fully utilized with MorphOS but they aren't. And even if they were and this machine would be awesome, there still needs to be more software available before people would start looking at it as a replacement for Windows, MAC or Linux..

    A reasonably priced machine that can be used for OS4 and MorphOS is really the way to go, as it would open a market of new users to the fold. Then maybe developers would start developing apps and then more powerful machines could be built and sold.

    Trying to sell the pinnacle machine first is a recipe for failure..
    Small steps and coordination is what is needed.. (And asinine litgation to stop for Gods sake)
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