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    ernsteiswuerfel wrote:
    Looks very good!

    The mATX form factor assures that it will be much easier to find a suitable (and cheap) case. :-) Also a big improvement are the onboard SATA-connectors. On the other Talos variants you have to check first if your PCIe SATA card (in case your don't want to pay $ 300 for the onboard SAS-controller) is actually supported in the Petitboot-kernel if you want to boot from SATA.

    I have the onboard SAS-controller and I use SATA drives on the SAS inputs. The speed of the drives is only slower by a marginal amount compared to a SAS hard drive. This thing is just blistering fast, and although the fans run at full speed during the boot cycle, the machine is whisper quiet during operation.
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