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    Cool stuff. If I had ever had Mac stuff I would give it a go.

    Right now I'm running Debian and Fedora le. Haven't figured out what I'm doing wrong with getting Big endian installed, but I'm working on it.

    Someone mentioned the noise factor. There isn't one.
    As soon as the T2 starts to boot the OS the CPU, case, and graphics card fans drop to low speed and are quiet. And that is for the three cards I have tried, HD4580, HD6850, and WX7100. Just to bring them up to 1/3 speed I had to run 6 youtube 1080p videos while playing a AVI movie off a dvd while having Timidity playing a list of tunes. No slowdowns/skipping,,,,just smooth.

    I'm still playing around with OS's trying to decide which one to settle on for development. It's all fun.
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