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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > if Talos was shown to bench in single core performance than
    > my G5 2.7 (and MorphOS supported it of course), I might be
    > willing to drop the cash for the asking price.

    I'm sure that the POWER9 absolutely destroys the PPC970, also in single-core/thread performance.

    Yes, it should be remarkable. And with support for four times the number of threads (quad G5 @ four thread with the quad Power 9 @ sixteen threads).
    Better memory, much later gen. PCIe slots, faster hard drive interfaces...
    All we need is support for baremetal KVM.

    Frankly, I'd prefer this to our announced X64 shift.
    This would offer us better legacy compatibility.
    In fact, even if no NG OS is ever ported to this platform, I might go this way anyway and finally dump Windows in favor of Linux.
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