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    ASiegel wrote:
    @ redrumloa

    They might not have bothered with a custom design if this had been available when the X5000 was being conceptualized, which happened several years ago.

    I guess you have a point.


    That being said, when you compare prices you need to be aware that this "special developer system" is NOT a consumer product. The X5000 is available with all the necessary certifications and normal product warranty as mandated in North America or Europe. On the other hand, the Raptor system is spefically sold without regard for certifications or compliance guarantuees and you are expected to figure out on your own if it is legal or not to operate this hardware wherever you live. Also, they categorically refuse to accept product returns although being able to return items purchased on the internet is a legal consumer right in the European Union, and so on and so forth.

    If you want to sell a computer to consumers, there is quite a bit of administrative overhead involved nowadays, which does increase costs.

    OK that makes sense. Then again don't developer systems usually have support built into the price? I do remember now someone mentioning the lack of certifications. That's a bit, odd...

    This is an interesting computer, if it ever gets a true consumer version. I still prefer forging ahead with X86-64, but this could be an interesting stop gap. Not that it will get looked at as such, just thinking out loud.
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