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    Kronos wrote:
    Only before you add TheNameTax.

    Using a term you like...

    Well they could take the Eyetech route by taking the reference board and "adding stupid" to it, then double the price. Slap a Boing sticker on it and suddenly it is "teh true Amiga".


    If the get a reduced footprint lownoise fully useable board out for around 1000€ we can talk, till then it's ancient G4 based Macs for me....

    And it is G5s for me! Then again if Talos was shown to bench in single core performance than my G5 2.7 (and MorphOS supported it of course), I might be willing to drop the cash for the asking price. There is no way it is as bad of a power hog as my G5 2.7.
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