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    "QEMU's performance as a Power Mac emulator is currently acceptable on the T2, just unspectacular.

    Unspectacular? 1 GHz G4 level 32 bit performance ought to be considered quite underwhelming.

    Sounds like 64 bit performance is a little better, but neither of the emulated cpus run at their full potential.

    BTW - Thanks for the reference. I now more fully understand what Raptor mentioned in the disconnect between KVM and QEMU.
    Now if only they can get this running as a 'bare metal' application.

    You would think that 32 and 64 bit sessions would be capable of being emulated at close to full speed.
    With a 16 thread processor, that would mean 16 potential G4 or G5 level sessions all running concurrently.

    Remember what I said in the past about a cross-session hypervisor enabled update of Ambient that could composite multiple sessions?
    By developing something like that we would start with our standard OS, move to a multi-session ASMP variation, and develop an SMP version that could run on as many cores as were assigned to it.
    And later, run any combinations we wanted, possibly even with OSX, or OS4 sessions all at the same time.
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