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    tlosmx wrote:
    here the Talos benchmark. .. happy reading


    I can't open that right now (I'm on my phone) because that wasn't posted as an active link.

    Good to know that the TalosII is in full production.
    It proves that the PPC is NOT entirely dead.

    Were there a cheaper single cpu design based on a standard ATX form factor I'd be pushing for continued development of MorphOS PPC.
    After all, X86 used to represent the enemy, and Amiga has always marched to a different tune.

    And with low endian byte order and a competitive cpu design, Power9 would bring us up go parity with the PC market without having to resort to the compromise of adopting their architecture.

    And yes, I understand the economic arguements, but I'm willing to pay a little more for something unique. That's been my argument in favor of the X5000, and the TalosII has none of the compromises of the X5000 (and is only a little more expensive than the X5000, plus that cost could be reduced with a simplified design).

    Guys, I LIKE PPCs, and I'm going go miss the distinction of running on alternative hardware when we move to X64.

    Plus, it would be far easier to port to Power9 than it will be to move to X64.

    So, to all those that want to drop PPC development after the X6r fork, I'll say this one more time. I'll follow you, but I'm retaining some PPC hardware because it shows what WE can do, outside of the PC industry.
    And so liked the distinction of being different.

    We were always outsiders, even if we originated everything that the mainstreamers adopted.
    "Never attribute to malice what can more readily explained by incompetence"
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