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    xilinder wrote:
    Can do.

    At this time I'm looking at;

    Dual Sforza CPU
    LSI 8i SAS card
    4 8GB RAM modules

    I was thinking about the Microsemi SAS controller but after some email exchanges with Raptor it turns out that chip uses proprietary firmware/microcode and the LSI board has open drivers.

    As for all the RAM. The system works best with each CPU having its own RAM. It could be 1 8GB module for each but according to Raptor the performance gain with 2 modules per CPU is amazing.

    Since I won't be running any kind of server or tracking asteroids in other galaxies the 4 core CPUs should be more than enough for any desktop type usage.

    Dual CPUs, four cores each, four concurrent threads per core...32 threads? Yeah, that should be adequate. 😋
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