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    Jim wrote:
    No, I don't think it would be less than the X5000 either, but they could be remarkably close in price (considering that they are not that far apart now).

    And I'm more interested in what could be done as an extension of what we currently have, into an smp/32 (or 64) bit enabled future.
    This could start right now with the G5 and migrate into Power 9 relatively painlessly.

    A small production run of custom boards with a single Power9 CPU socket, might not be less expensive than the currently proposed Talos II board, because someone would still have to pay for the R&D to re-design the Talos II board to remove the extra CPU socket and wiring traces, and probably some firmware logic. That extra cost for a very small production run would probably increase the cost of a single CPU board, and such extra expense might actually make this imaginary single Power9 CPU board more expensive than the currently proposed Talos II boards. I don't know if the proposed price of the Talos II boards is enough to recoup all of their design costs, as who ever paid for such design costs, might be writing that cost off as a non-recoverable design expense, similar to what Trevor and A-Eon did with the X1000.

    @Andreas Wolf,
    My imagined evolution of a version of MorphOS with SMP and memory protection on PPC (breaking compatibility with Amiga 68k API) would still be able to run some, or most of our current software via a sandbox/emulation on only one core, which I would imagine might be easier, or better to do on a Power9 CPU board, than it would be on the x64 architecture, but since I have no idea of what amount of work it takes to do any of these things, I am just imagining in the dark.
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