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    I wonder how many of the MorphOS Dev. Team members are looking at that Power9 board and wishing that they could port MorphOS to it, but do so with a break from our traditional Amiga compatible version of MorphOS, so they could run on all 16 cores (more if/when a 2nd CPU is installed). Certainly, a port to this ultimate PPC desktop system would be faster and easier than porting to the x64 architecture, and possibly it could be a good step toward an eventual transition to x64, while providing a huge performance increase, and allowing the Dev. Team to concentrate on less things at one time, than trying to practically start over from scratch, with the current proposed port to x64 architecture.

    If that was/is the plan (64Bit/SMP non compatible PPC-MorphOS as a step towards x64) it would make much more sense to just use the G5 quad.

    No real big difference (in terms of OS development) wether you have 4 or 16 cores, and with the quad you'd have a starting point with 32Bit MorphOS either already working or only needing some minor tweaks.

    Yes, I totally agree from a user standpoint, but thought that maybe one or two of the MorphOS Dev. Team members might be still very fond of the PPC architecture, and that they might like to have an "Ultimate" PPC desktop system, such as the Talos II, to run the PPC version of MorphOS, even after they make the switch to supporting x64 architecture.

    Porting to the Talos II would never be a rational thing to do as far as choosing a system for the users to buy. It would only be a selfish choice for whom ever wants such extreme power and speed, plus the PPC architecture, and I have no knowledge that any of the team members care which architecture they are coding for any more. Maybe none of them care about PPC any longer, and they are all looking forward to leaving it behind (other than maybe some support patches), when the switch to x64 is completed.

    My only point was that it might be easier to complete a version of MorphOS on PPC which has SMP and memory protection, but breaks all backward compatibility with the Amiga API, instead of creating a new MorphOS with SMP and memory protection, while at the same time moving to a different architecture.

    If this approach actually creates extra work and is of no benefit toward eventually creating a SMP and memory protected version of MorphOS for x64, then I would not propose for such extra work to be done, only to provide a PPC version of MorphOS with SMP and memory protection for current users on their existing PPC hardware.

    I only mention these things as a suggestion, because we have very limited man power, and all of the team members are used to working on the PPC hardware so far, with all current and previous versions of MorphOS, so maybe it would be easier for them to create a new OS with SMP and memory protection on the platform architecture they are familiar with (when working on MorphOS anyway), instead of trying to create a new OS with SMP and memory protection, while also trying to port as many features and look of our existing MorphOS, to the x64 architecture.

    Edit: What I am actually hoping for, is for the new x64 version of MorphOS, to be so lightweight and fast, that when web browsers and office suites are ported from Linux, or Windows, or MacOSX, to MorphOS, the same program will run faster and better, because there will be much less bloatware slowing down the computer. I am hoping for something similar to when us Amiga users could emulate a Mac on our 68030, or 68040 accelerated Amigas, faster than a real Mac computer could run, using the exact same CPU.

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