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    Jim wrote:
    Totally confusing CrowdSupply post by Raptor Engineering.

    Price now $3700 with cpu and some accessories?
    Talos or TalosII? Power8? Power9?
    Now available? Shipping in November if ordered now?

    I can't decipher this crap, and it does nothing for my confidence.


    With only 16gb memory and without the external 8 port LSI the price is $3510.00. A bit more than an X5000 cost I think, but so much more powerful, and probably less problems (I would hope).

    I wonder how many of the MorphOS Dev. Team members are looking at that Power9 board and wishing that they could port MorphOS to it, but do so with a break from our traditional Amiga compatible version of MorphOS, so they could run on all 16 cores (more if/when a 2nd CPU is installed). Certainly, a port to this ultimate PPC desktop system would be faster and easier than porting to the x64 architecture, and possibly it could be a good step toward an eventual transition to x64, while providing a huge performance increase, and allowing the Dev. Team to concentrate on less things at one time, than trying to practically start over from scratch, with the current proposed port to x64 architecture.

    I'm just saying that maybe it would be easier to stick with PPC and write a version of MorphOS that is NOT compatible with Amiga binaries, that also provides full 64bit memory space (heck, even just providing full 32bit, instead of the 31bit we have now would be a huge improvement), providing memory protection, and SMP, all on PPC hardware that is already supported (like the G5 PowerMacs, which are 64bit systems), or this Power9 board, would be less work than doing all of the above, plus the added task of switching endianess, with the move to x64 architecture. The added benefit would be that we might be able to continue to use some of the native MorphOS PPC software (maybe not, since all existing MorphOS native software is running on an API that is Amiga compatible?).

    Seems I might have written something like this before, and I may be repeating myself. Someone may have already explained to me why my idea is not possible, and that the switch to x64 is NOT more difficult, once the break away from the Amiga compatible API is made, and that sticking with the dead PPC hardware platform offers zero benefits. I don't know, because I can't remember sh!t!

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