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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > I'd rather buy one of these than an X5000 myself.
    > It's only a few hundred more, and so much more capable.

    Some more details:

    "- E-ATX (12“ x 13“) mainboard
    - With the 3U HSF assemblies, noise is very low.
    - Power consumption of the POWER9 is far less than POWER8
    - If you buy the Dual CPU bundle, the PSU needs a dual EPS 12V connector
    - no mini PCIe slot
    - No M2 slot
    - 1x OCuLink port (what is this?)
    - 6x 4-pin fan connectors on the mainboard
    - To provide maximal PCIe bandwidth for all peripherals, each slot is serviced by a dedicated CPU. As such, two CPUs are required to activate all PCIe slots

    The OCuLink sounds interesting. But the last point is not quite clear to me. The Talos II board has 3 PCIe x16 and 2 PCIe x8 slots. Which of these slots can be used with the single-CPU configuration?

    Good question. Why not relay it to Raptor?
    Btw - The issue of EPS power connection is not such a big deal.
    I ran a dual Xeon system with a similar power connector using a standard 650 watt Thermaltake psu with an adapter for the second 12v connection.
    That type of thing does NOT require a specialized psu.
    The board form factor is more of a PITA, but I still have the case I bought for the Xeon system.
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