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    > is the processor quoted really a four core?

    Yes, it is a four-core with SMT4 (= 16 threads) on a Sforza module:

    "Currently on its way to my doorstep is a two-CPU, octocore (each core is SMT-4, so that's 32 threads) Sforza POWER9 Talos II "

    Another interesting comment from the same source:

    "if you were actually in the market for an AmigaOne X5000, this blows it out of the water. You could just run UAE on this and have cycles to spare!"

    I guess this means that OS4 runs allegedly faster in (FS-)UAE on Talos II (is there even PPC emulation in UAE for anything other than x86(-64)?) than natively on the X5000.

    Edit: Now also on the Raptor website:

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