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    > The team [...] can buy any HW they are interested in. And they do, they bought
    > the X5000's, the Sam, and all other machines they have supported.

    Did they?


    And Jim makes no secret of his numerous graphics card donations to Bigfoot.

    > It's very powerful, but mostly in ways that aren't really relevant in a traditional
    > Amigoid context I think. Considerable focus is put on massive bandwidth and
    > parallellism. I can't really see where this makes sense or is harvestable for MorphOS.

    POWER9 has also great single-thread performance, compared to high-end x86-64 CPUs. See these single-thread benchmark results for (the slower) POWER8:


    > They have said that the Sam port [...] meant a lot for cleaning and evolving the MorphOS
    > source code. They have also said similar things about the X5000, i.e. not really about
    > market/platform growth, they don't expect that to happen, that's not why they did it.

    Actually, what was said is this (emphasis mine):

    "it had some sideeffects everyone using MorphOS right now benefits from. Huge parts of the boot process and the kernel needed to be rewritten/cleaned. Tons of bugs sitting there were found and fixed. Stuff optimised. Less memory used. So the other systems are now even more stable, have a little more free memory for applications and boot faster. [...] It also (main reason for supporting the 460) allowed to support X5000 boards (getting it to boot) in hours instead weeks."

    According to this, "cleaning and evolving the MorphOS source code" allegedly was just a welcome side effect. The "main reason for supporting the 460" allegedly was faster support of the X5000, a platform they now say there is no real market for (which is the same thing they said about the Sam460 before). Supporting a platform with no market to faster support another platform with no market? Weird, huh?

    > PPC and POWER.

    ..."PPC (including POWER)" (or better: "Power Architecture (including POWER)") :-)

    >> If this workstation can be considered a "desktop" computer?

    > IMHO it's something else. Even if it could be used as one, its
    > features and design clearly has other areas of use in mind.

    https://static.rptorcs.com/images/talos-page/banner-2-large.png ;-)
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