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    >Considering I'm surprised by the quad-core variant, I find it extremely unlikely that IBM produces something like a single-core POWER9.

    That was my assumption as well, that we were dealing with a 16 thread cpu (at least, unless they are SMT8 derived), so yes, two processors would equal 32 threads - and WHY would you need that much power outside of server applications? I could see sticking with the single cpu version.

    So no, I'm not TOO put off, BUT...

    Let's see what Raptor prices these at. ;-)

    Because they really scaled the pricing up in their last project.

    BTW - Four core Power9 cpus didn't really surprise me, as there were four core Power8 cpus.
    Although IBM doesn't seem interested in promoting the lower end of the Power lineup.

    Pity, because these cpus could make the basis for a nice open platform.
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