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    > Puts me off completely. Why would I spend that kind of money to have
    > half the cores I have on my cheap X64 system?

    Two times four SMT4 cores means as much as 32 hardware threads.

    > OR, is this really the case? Power9 supports two threading options. SMT4
    > which features four threads per core, and SMT8 which features eight threads
    > per core. SO, is the processor quoted really a four core?

    I'm (positively) surprised myself that a 4-core POWER9 seems to exist, but I find it unlikely that the Raptor people are confusing cores and threads (per core).

    > In which case it would likely support either 16 or 32 threads simultaneously.
    > Hey! Sounds good so far.

    Weren't you put off by this just moments ago? ;-)

    > OR, is this 'four core' processor actually a single core supporting SMT4?
    > Not so good.

    Considering I'm surprised by the quad-core variant, I find it extremely unlikely that IBM produces something like a single-core POWER9.
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