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    I quite like that it's only a quad-core CPU (so far thought POWER9 will be 12-core minimum) and that there'll be the option to have only a single CPU.

    I missed that.
    Puts me off completely.
    Why would I spend that kind of money to have half the cores I have on my cheap X64 system?

    OR, is this really the case?

    Power9 supports two threading options.
    SMT4 which features four threads per core, and SMT8 which features eight threads per core.

    SO, is the processor quoted really a four core?
    In which case it would likely support either 16 or 32 threads simultaneously.
    Hey! Sounds good so far.

    OR, is this 'four core' processor actually a single core supporting SMT4?
    Not so good.

    I'll leave this to better researchers to figure out. ;-)

    But either way, since the pricing of these systems is likely to be obscene, I'd still favor porting to X64, where a 16 thread Ryzen based cpu would no doubt be much cheaper.
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