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    Kronos wrote:

    Jim wrote:

    As to MorphOS-X86 (X64...NG...whatever), I still prefer PPCs or Power9 (since only a few of you supported an ARM shift).

    While that might be competive at the high end I just don‘t see proper laptops or small desktops coming in PPC, so I rather go X64.

    We'll haved to see how the first five T2080 prototype laptops turn out in order to see how 'proper'/competitive these are.
    But at since the clock speed is 133MHz faster than our best PowerBooks, and they have the capability of running 8 times as many threads, they should be interesting, even if they only ever see use under Linux.

    Power9 laptops? Probably unlikely. IBM no longer owns its own foundaries, and the process it is using for these CPUs isn't nearly as fine as what AMD is using. Low power Power9 cpus do not appear to be on the horizon. Then again, who knows what the future holds if these cpus gain traction.

    And I like Power9 for its compatibility. X64 will never be able to run our PPC apps nearly as well. While Power9 should be fairly capable of emulating X64.

    Further, developing an NG version of MorphOS starting with our supported 64 bit systems, the PowerMac G5 and the X5000, and then adding Power9 support would be a more 'organic' or linear direction than the jump to a completely unrelated ISA.

    Finally, as the X64 version of MorphOS will only support a limited selection of X64 hardware, we are all likely to have to buy new hardware regardless of what platform we migrate to.

    I'd rather that platform be distinct from other generic PCs.

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