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    >>> I don't remember anything in his "PR" suggesting how it
    >>> would have turned interesting for [...] Amiga fans/users.

    >> There was a short period when CUSA openly embraced AROS:

    > Yeah,sowhat....

    It shows that there was CUSA "PR" suggesting that CUSA products could have turned interesting for Amiga fans/users (as long as AROS isn't denied being "Amiga"), at least no less interesting than any AresOne or iMica.

    > dedicated AROS computers [...] were/are pointless as one
    > could use just dumpster dived HW...

    There have been Amiga fans/users who preferred buying a complete and AROS-supported AresOne or iMica system to dumpster diving. These would have been the primary audience for CUSA systems with pre-installed AROS. In addition, some took "supporting the AROS open source community in every way possible" to imply the intent to pay developers for developing drivers for components of future CUSA hardware, if I'm not mistaken.
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