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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:

    > No update servers fixed, no links to exitsing Mint 11 servers to update. Often
    > eats away RDB instead of implementing LILO, effectivly wiping the acess to
    > Windows and requiring LILO manual reinstall. And other bugs. Slow, too
    > bloated KDE-version, too much Mac style eyecandy etc. Never went out of beta.

    Okay, so it actually was working.

    Instalable,but badly working, badly execeted and moded old Mint.

    >>> They abused [...] CBM

    >> There was no CBM to abuse at that point.

    > CUSA abused CBM [...] history

    This correction makes it slightly less nonsense, yes ;-)

    That is what I ment.

    > presenting like they are real comeback,not an LCC


    Limited Liablity Corporation, LLC, my bad. They tried to present themselves like
    real CBM comeback not a name licensee.
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