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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > the processors that make up what Apple called the G4 series vary bit in performance
    > per MHz, then there are the differences in cache memory. For example, a 7455 with
    > an L3 cache performs as well as a faster 7447 without an L3 cache. So its not that
    > straight forward. But the PowerBook would probably have a slight edge

    Yes, without doubt, as his PowerBook and iBook have the same generation and type of G4 without L3 cache, with the G4 in his PowerBook being clocked higher.

    Btw, there are also other opinions regarding the PowerBook G4 vs. iBook G4 decision:


    Mag's comment is a little off there (I can see why you would question it).
    However, the iBook (which does have a less sturdy look and feel than the PowerBook) is lighter and its plastic case more flexible (IF it doesn't crack), so iBooks do seem to survive reasonably well.
    Mine still works and I am hard on equipment (I have had to replace one key switch).

    Hey, I like it (its compact).
    But it is slower and it has less vram.
    Also, the models below the 1.42 MHz variant use, I believe, the Radeon 9200 gpu.

    And yes, the iBook and the Powerbook are both 7447 based, the PowerMac G4 systems can use a variety of 74XX cpus with different cache configurations depending on the model and whether or not it has a third party cpu card.

    So...if you are into buying over priced accelerator cards, the PowerMac could run faster than the laptops (with options for up to a 2.0 GHz 7448).
    And you could shoehorn in an R400 or R500 video card, it will work, but I wouldn't recommend it.

    Anyway...like most of us have stated, the PowerBook is still probably the best choice.
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