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    ernsteiswuerfel wrote:
    Go for the PowerBook G4 and never look back. ;-)

    Obviously it has got the fastest G4 CPU, your model has got minimum 64 MiB VRAM, flawless out-of-the-box suppport in MorphOS, great support in Linux after some tweaking. If it's a PB 5,8 you even get full support in current Linux without tweaking (only installation of WLAN + audio-drivers needed).

    Also spare parts are available at reasonable prices and you'll find good repair guides on the net (which holds true for almost all PPC-Macs).

    Actually, the processors that make up what Apple called the G4 series vary bit in performance per MHz, then there are the differences in cache memory.
    For example, a 7455 with an L3 cache performs as well as a faster 7447 without an L3 cache.
    So its not that straight forward.

    But the PowerBook would probably have a slight edge, AND its in a sturdier case, with a better keyboard, and at least twice the vram (if I remember right, in the case of the model Yasu bought, four times as much vram).

    ...and a bigger screen (although that is not my personal preference, I like smaller form factors - I can hold my 12" Lenovo i7 laptop with one hand).
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