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    jPV wrote:

    amigamia wrote:
    -iBook G4 with 1.42Ghz and 2GB RAM and 60GB HDD

    Although this is a quite fast machine, I wouldn't keep this if you have to get rid of something. On negative sides it has small resolution, left/right shift and command keys aren't separated causing problems with keyboard shortcuts, and at least I have small graphical glitches with such a machine. I would only recommend iBook if you'd want really small portable machine and you'd have a 12" version...

    I have one of those and it works quite well.
    I have never had graphics glitches with it. Then again, the 1.42 GHz iBook has a better gpu than slower iBooks.
    BTW, the 1.42 GHz iBook is a 14 inch.

    Frankly, I'm with you on your recommendation though. Of the two laptops, the PowerBook is definitely superior.

    The PowerMac G4 MDD...hmm. Well I had a lot of good experiences with G4 models.
    I am not sure I'd recommend one as the laptops are more convenient. The first R400 video card I owned was installed in a G4, but I wouldn't recommend anything above a Radeon 9800, so the Powerbook has almost as powerful graphics (it probably only has 64MB of vram, but that is still useable).
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