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    amigamia wrote:
    -iBook G4 with 1.42Ghz and 2GB RAM and 60GB HDD

    Although this is a quite fast machine, I wouldn't keep this if you have to get rid of something. On negative sides it has small resolution, left/right shift and command keys aren't separated causing problems with keyboard shortcuts, and at least I have small graphical glitches with such a machine. I would only recommend iBook if you'd want really small portable machine and you'd have a 12" version...


    -PowerBook G4 1.67Ghz with 2GB RAM, 80GB HDD

    I'd recommend to keep this, because it's about the fastest G4 machine you can get, it has proper resolution, and its keyboard and touchpad work well (those left/right keys are separated) and are the best supported ones in laptops. It also has CardBus slot for external WLAN if needed for signal strength for example. And more standard external display connector if better support comes some day.


    -PowerMac G4 MDD with dual 1.25Ghz Proc, 1GB Ram and 128GB HDD. (With an NVIDIA Card but I would need to update that to an ATI to host MorphOS)

    This isn't the fastest machine you can get, but it has expandability. Although that isn't necessarily needed with today's built-in stuff. Depends what you want and can you stand big boxes still. If you're interested older Amiga 3D stuff using Warp3D, this is your chance to get supported graphics card for that. And if you want to use bigger external monitors.
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