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    Nimrod1971 wrote:

    is there any way to use the Sonnet Duet G4 CPU-upgrade with MorphOS?
    At the Moment my G4 is shown with 600MHz on the boot pic.
    It's no big issue as MorphOS is running very well with 600MHz, but would be cool to use the CPU-upgrade as well.


    Yes it works. As Doffo mentioned I had one in a Quicksilver for a while. As a matter of fact I had the 1.8 and it overclocked well to 2.0.

    Also Doffo mentions Google to get the manual for the Sonnet card and check your firmware. Chances are you are fine as I was fine, just dropped in and went. You may or may not have to update the firmware first. My memory is a little vague, but it isn't a huge problem if you have to update your firmware.

    thanks for the answers.
    After I have installed the Sonnet expansion I have upgraded the firmware using OSX. Both cores were running fine under OSX with full speed, therefore I think that everything is fine on Sonnet side.
    At the moment MorphOS is running exclusivly on the system, no OSX any longer, but with just 600MHz.
    I understand that the second processor is not usable with MorphOS.
    But, is there any way to increase the processor clock from 600MHz to 1.8GHz as it should be?

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