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    I have used the PowerBookMedic site a few times for parts, and for their PDF repair manuals, and videos to help me understand the insides of my A1138 (well I have a few of this model actually) but I have found the A1138 quite easy to open/and replace parts where necessary, from time to time.

    Here's a link to their site, which I hope is of some use: powerbookmedic in USA

    You'll need a small torx screwdriver and a small Philips screwdriver - sizes explained in the guides/videos - if they are of any use to you. However, you need to be careful, obviously, opening the keyboard/palmrest as that requires all the screws to be removed, and there are 2 in the Memory compartment, and 2 in the battery compartment to remember to remove, as well as all the others that are visible on the outside on the edges, and underneath, and 2 small torx screws on top of the keyboard near the screen hinges.

    It could be that the screen cable has come adrift, if it's been knocked as it only is pushed into the connector slot, and if someone has taken it apart before they may not have slid/pushed the cable in correctly - if you are seeing some screen 'activity' that indicated it was working when you got it. I hope so anyway, as a logic board replacement can cost quite a bit if it's not the screen that's failed.

    Try the suggestion of Yasu as using the 2nd video output may indicate if it's likely to be the screen rather than the logic board. ;-)

    Good luck anyway, in fixing it.
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