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    deka schrieb:
    > Lack of motivation/resources ?

    > Other priorities ?

    Does it really make sense to put more work to this line?
    There are many different range of supported computers. Everybody could find a supported model for his/her budget.

    I think the change to current HW is more reasonable, than support the n'th model from the same class.
    But, I also don't know too much, what the guys are doing nowadays.

    Support for one g5 imac model may be worth the effort. They are not as bulky and energy hungry as the G5 Powermacs, but offer quite a bit more than e.g. the G4 mac minis (more cpu power, more RAM, faster hdd and more potent gfx). Generally my stance is to put all efforts to x64, but if a G5 imac would be supported I could well imagine to get one myself.

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