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    Sorry, I'm a bit late to this thread. Maybe I can help explain some of the symptoms.


    Thermal.sbar was my first idea to where I should into but sadly it doesn't work at all (it doesn't even appear!).

    If you don't get any temperature readings, then likely the fan control module isn't running at all(!). The hardware notices the lack of software fan control and will shut down your computer. That's very likely what you're seeing (shutdown due to lack of software fan control), not because it is overheating as such.

    When you boot the system and you can't get any temperature readings, launch task manager and check if you have a task called "PowerMac7 Fan Control" running. If not, then fan control indeed isn't running. There are a few special case scenarios where it will bail out because it believes it is running on an invalid system. One of these cases is if it detects a liquid cooled system but only detects one processor.

    If the above is the case, then you can add 'edebugflags init' to your MorphOS boot script, which if I remember right is located at 'boot:bootinfo.txt' (someone will correct me if I'm wrong, I don't have a Mac running right now to verify ;)). After editing the file, don't forget to run 'hfssetmacboot boot:bootinfo.txt' (again, if I'm wrong about the filename, do it on the correct file name). After doing this, you should reboot and if you've run into the case where you can't get any thermal readings, launch a shell and run 'getramdebuglog'. A file named 'morphos.log' should now appear in the current directory, which would be ram: after starting a shell.
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