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    Hi! As I have written on above posts, unfortunately yes.

    Yesterday, I upgraded MacOS to 10.5.8, installed a different sensor app (hardwaremonitor) and the values seem identical to ThermographX with a slight variation on the CPU A (displaying around 50 degrees Celsius instead of 38 I was getting). System run for approx. 1,5 hour without any problem (btw, internet browsing seems unbearably sluggish compared to MorphOS Odyssey :)).

    Today I am thinking of booting from Linux PPC wiping out MorphOS SYS and giving it a try on a clean installation with different partition type than PSFS (even though booting from the cd didn't seem to have any effect but who knows), or perhaps installing Linux just to perform some additional tests.

    I 've sent an e-mail to jacadcaps regarding thermal.sbar but haven't heard from him yet.

    Had you tested MorphOS on the machine prior to the sell and everything was ok? Or did you installed before shipping without extensive testing?
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