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    Ok, thanks, save me looking and spending a age hacking about with make files and code trying to make it work, not that I really want to get drawn into that rabbit hole personally, as I would just end up with yet another linux box under the desk which isn't why I bought the peg1 in the first place, which was to tinker with amiga like os's rather than ploughing loads into my A2000 on rtg and accelerators etc.

    For my case, I'm ok with the knoppix install thats years out of date now molk is working. I did my install last week, so the linked files haven't suffered bitrot too badly while sitting on that file server until 2015 :-)

    I know the knoppix is years out of date and riddled with vulns, but its only going to be route-able on my private lan and acting as a outer layer for MOLK to load MOL and OSX jaguar.
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