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    No need for pm, no secrets here.
    I used pegXmac the first time round, using the download link in the article. :-
    Dl link :-
    There's a howto on obligement in french, you can run it through google translate if you need it in english, it comes out usable (I read both). The linux install it puts on is pretty outdated, but as a means to a end...
    The only issue I had not covered is my peg1 has no mac address in the firmware bios (same bug bit me under morphos) so I had to mess about with the init scripts to do a ifconfig eth0 hw ether new.mac.address to get the nic to work and while I was in there I put the iptables to ACCEPT on all the default rules.

    and for molk there is the same, again with download link:-

    pegXmac installs the ancient version of knoppix I'm using to boot MOL now with the boot issues on ssd, but they didn't occur when I used a normal ide magnetic drive. My peg1 has a gig of ram and the mac install feels quite perky.

    For linux, I think but would have to check current debian supports peg1, and I know gentoo did. If your not heavily into linux gentoo will be a big mountain to climb initially but its my distro of choice. However, booting linux was really just a means to get mol to work, I have 3 other x86 boxes up 24/7 on my desk with a lot more cpu/memory, and the peg1 would be just another linux box amongst them that I would have to tweak to get stuff to compile on ppc as its not very mainstream now.

    I have peg1 booting mac osx 10.2 (last you can use on peg1) and OS9.
    I also have os9 classic mode working under 10.2 although it feels slow, but neither feel as slow as basillisk under morphos. I havent tried sheepshearer yet, but its supposed to be faster and would avoid having to reboot into mac os if it was useable.

    Just tinkering really, I have no real need to use a mac, it was just there so I thought I'd have a play.
    if you get stuck, post up a thread and I'm sure someone will be happy to help you.
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