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    Thanks for your response but option1 doesn't cure it, resetting or cold power up doesn't change its behaviour.
    The drive must already be accessible before the boot option starts, as the bootmenu is on the first partition of the ssd. So the firmware is loading in the bootmenu and interpreting it to make the menu.
    I had the same setup working 100% on a ide traditional drive (in fact these partitions are dd copies of the same install) and it worked fine, so it has to be related to the ssd and the firmware somehow.
    It only does it when booting linux to boot MOL, morphos in slots 1 and 2 on the same drive are unaffected.

    I'll have a dig round see if I can work out how to do the pause in forth for the boot menu and see if it fixes it. Its a bit tiresome to type out the boot line each time.
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