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    Hi all, I have installed a 2.5 pata ssd into my peg1, and all seems to be in order and it feels faster, and its quieter (the real reason for going ssd) apart from when running my pegXmac hard drive install.

    I have a boot menu setup so I don't have to type masses out to boot a different choice made with bootmenu creator under morphos, only when I use it to boot knoppix to load MOL, it hangs after booting the linux kernel but before it switches exec to it, with a entry "firmware has returned #00000000" on the screen. It works fine for booting morphos.
    If I type in the exact same command line to boot knoppix/mac and pre-pend boot to it, it works 100% of the time.
    I can only think that its a timing issue, Ive noticed when i bypass the menu and do a quick ls /ide/disk:0 sometimes the drive doesn't respond the first time.
    but how can I say to openfirmware "load this entry, but then wait a pause while everything settles before booting it" if thats the case? I had a play with ms 900 as a openfirmware pause, but I don't know how to insert this in the boot line so it happens after load but before exec. Split out the load and exec into two seperate lines with the ms wait between somehow?

    On the plus side I'm surprised at how well the peg1 copes with osx (jaguar 10.2) and it feels snappier running from a ssd.
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