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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > maybe they're already having plans :)

    The statements linked to in posting #19 sound like a plan to me :-)

    Well...a plan to address it later, yeah.

    Radeon HD 2D and 3D support? Probably later.

    PCIe X1 support for the SAM460CR, later.

    I do get it.

    And you could add either a sound card or an SATA controller to the PCI-e slot, so if an SATA card was implemented, the PCI slot could be used with an SB Live.

    Although the simplest solution (once PCI-e X1 support is sorted out)would be to just support the hardware Acube would ship with a CR based system (the HD4650 video card, SiliconImage SATA card, and Tremor based PCI-e X1 sound card).

    Again, its just a matter of patience.
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