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    I've been working on ResidualVM on linux a bit, first trying to make it "somehow usable at all" (Resizeable window? What's that? The original games ran only in 640x480, so you too shall be stuck with only that!)

    (As clarification, the engine DOES support fullscreen in other resolutions too, but that's implemented so, the game is first rendered at 640x480, and then stretched to fill the screen. Looks worse than "drawing to full resolution to begin with", and won't work on MorphOS.)

    Grim Fandango seems to work ok this far, Myst 3 is mostly broken (due to resolution logic only implemented elsewhere)

    No idea if I could get it working on MorphOS. It's not really THAT usable on linux either (Well, Frim works, Myst3 doesn't)

    If anyone else wants to take a look at the sources, I can provide them.


    it is only at version 0.21

    Most open source software stays at 0.X for, like, forever.
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