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    Acill wrote:

    JKD wrote:
    Did you post your thoughts/review on the X5000 with AmigaOS to one of the other sites Paul?

    I got very bored lately and longing for some Boingball back in my life... :-D

    No Steve I havent, but I was thinking about doing it. It honestly feels like it did back when we first showed off the release of the Pegasos II together that first year it was out at AmigWest. Its still quite a bit behind MorphOS is feel and stabiliety, but as far as AmigaOS goes, well it does have that good old feeling.

    Wow, this post hasn't necessarily aged well...it took me three years to return to my Amiga roots and four years to actually try out Amiga OS4.1 :D

    My X5000 is giving me grief though, seems like it could (hopefully) just be DIMM issues. I'd hate to have to send this thing all the way back to France.
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