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    Sure, if money is no concern, then buying a brand new Porsche engine is trivial. When you are rich, life is easy. If, however, your budget is restricted, that is a different story altogether.

    Plus, using the old existing kit for a task that it can handle just as well is way more eco friendly. I mean the ecological footprint of a gfx card may not be the highest, but still producing new kit consumes additional resources while keeping the old kit running, uses the already consumes recurces more intensively (of course if the new kit consumes significantly less energy the calculation may be different though)...

    9600 PRO : TDP= 18W
    X1950 PRO : TDP= 66W

    HD6450 : TDP= 18W
    HD5450 : TDP= 19W
    HD4670 : TDP= 59W
    HD6570 : TDP= 60W

    RX 550 : TDP= 50W
    HD 7750 : TDP= 55W
    R7-250X : TDP= 65W
    RX 560 : TDP= 75W
    R9-270X : TDP=180W

    Interesting, no power draw figures for the R7 240, but I'd expect that to be in line with the other low end cards.
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