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    The context of AmigaOS 4.1 3D is in a specific range (Radeon R7-240 - Radeon HD7730 - Radeon RX580) so yes there is a substantial performance gain in that range.
    If you use a range outside of this then that is another issue.

    I find it easier to source the new Porche engines to put in the new ish tractor than to find old tractor engines that survive to be tweaked .
    Also the effort to support the old engines failed (Warp3D for Evergreen)so there was never any chance to tweak.
    The hedged option (Warp3D for SI) bore fruit and has continued to grow (Warp3DNova).

    Sure I am excited .
    I am more vocal though because of KennyR's and other's style of painting with what I consider to be too wide a brush .
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