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    Spectre660 wrote:
    Some people find it fun to attempt to push the so called limits.

    Well, there are different approaches to "pushing limits".

    Some people put a brand new Porsche engine in a tractor to make it go 1kph faster. Others tweak the original "old" tractor engine to make it go 1kph faster.

    You appear to be a big fan of the first approach.


    Some people seem to have a kind of "New hardware Phobia".

    That sounds like a misperception.

    Just because people do not happen to agree with your "new hardware euphoria", that does not mean they reject new hardware.

    In fact, I have seen far more people belittle the "old" hardware that MorphOS runs on. But, as Kenny and others have attempted to explain, there is no intrinsic end user value in just using a "modern" graphics card that has a release date within a specific range.

    That is, unless you have drivers that do enable a substantial (!) performance gain that is adequate relative to the improved hardware specifications or at least offer much more complex visual fidelity in 3d software. Both points have not been met at this stage. Maybe that will change. We will see. But until that happens, I really do not see what you could possibly be so excited about.
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