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    Kronos wrote:

    Dunno, I upgraded the 9600 in my G5 to a 9650 for the sole purpose of having DualLink DVI and sometimes later I downgraded to a 9000 (not even "Pro") in a G4 with a sidedish of Voodoo.

    Performance difference? Never noticed one.

    Fair enough. It's all about what works for them. Actually a G4 with Radeon 8500 does make the best setup possible for legacy software. My interest in running legacy software on MorphOS has waned in recent years. Now that I have an Amiga 500 with Vampire, I have even less concern for it.

    Overall, there is very little out there that would need more than a 9650 outside of benchmarks and bragging rights on either side of the fence. Why OS4 systems ever shipped with Radeon R9s that aren't anywhere near being fully supported I will never understand.
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