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    Spectre660 wrote:
    I have very slow upload bandwidth so I no video upload.

    Today's benchmark produces 95.9 in 1600x1200 .


    I got a chance to go out to my workshop today and do a benchmark because of curiosity. Here's my setup on the desk.

    PowerMac G5 @ 2.3Ghz
    Ati Radeon X800

    One thing I found out on this setup is in quake lower screen resolutions gave me lower FPS than higher resolutions. Go figure. Anyhow at 1600x1200 and EVERYTHING maxed out I got 114.9 fps.

    Some time next week my Radeon FireGL x3 will come in. I'll load that into the G5 2.7 Ghz and redo the benchmark. My current monitor for my PowerMac doesn't like to go over 1600x1200. I'll either have to buy a new one or borrow one from one of my PCs. I'm thinking the 2.7 with FireGL x3 will fly even at 1080p.

    Will update next week.

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