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    outrun1978 wrote:
    Well i have just run this now on my X5000 set up in MorphOS3.11

    Using a Sapphire X1650Pro 512MB run under following perameters if this helps to dissect any scores further...

    setenv TGLSYNC 0
    flushlib tinygl.library

    In Quake 3
    r_primitives 2
    timedemo 1
    demo four

    GL Driver default
    GL Extensions ON
    Colour Depth Default
    Fullscreen ON
    Lighting: Lightmap
    Geometric DetaIl: Medium
    Texture Quality 32 bit
    Texture Filter: Trilinear.

    640x480 resolution 1260 frames 6.5 seconds 193.8fps
    800x600 resolution 1260 frames 8.0 seconds 158.4fps
    1024x768 resolution 1260 frames 10.5 seconds 120.3 fps
    1280x1024 resolution 1260 frames 14.21 seconds 88.9 fps

    That helps. Thanks. I will give it a try later today.
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